2012 Camp Photo

Here is the official 2012 Camp Photo.

Other parents may have a better quality one, but this is the best I have.

Both Amanda and myself had so much fun with the boys at camp, and we hope you all enjoy the rest of the summer :-)

We will miss each and every one of you!

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Day 9 – An IMPORTANT note about the T-Shirts

How to Iron and Set your sons screen printed T-Shirt

Please DO NOT wash the t-shirts until you have done this!


Additionally, if there are marks on the t-shirt that you would like to get rid of, do not iron them and they will hopefully wash out!

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Day 8 – Seth D. kayaking

In all the years that Seth has been on the kayak trip, there has not been a single photo of him.  These are for you Karen.

We were aiming for an amount closer to 20 for the comedy value but camera’s in canoes are a little tricky.


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Day 8 – Kayak trip down the Russian River

Today we set sail down the Russian River.  Over 41 kayaks and canoes full of SFBC boys.

Here are some shots of our fantastic trip.  Gorgeous weather!!!!!!!!!!!

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Day 7

Having some technical difficulties this end. Will post as soon as we get it sorted.

Thanks for your understanding.


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Day 6 – Ping Pong Tournament

Here a few shots of the fast paced evening.

Let the games begin!

Intermediates are neck and neck.

Two counselors battle it out.

The winner of this years Ping Pong Tournament was Colin Russell. Congratulations Colin!!!

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Day 6 – Bells

Both the major and minor bell groups have been working hard this week.  Here are a few pictures to show you what’s been happening in the classroom.





Tomorrow I’ll ask this year’s bell CIT to blog about what they’ve been doing in more detail.



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